New script in FXApps: [Strategy] Winner_21 strategy (by Massimo)

Posted By Admin Wednesday, May 20, 2015
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New script in FXApps: [Strategy] Winner_21 strategy (by Massimo)

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 Posted Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Winner_21 strategy

(by Massimo)
This strategy has the following characteristics:
  • It can work with any instrument;
  • On the 4H time frame the strategy finds the medium-term trend;
  • On the 1H time frame the strategy finds overbought or oversold level contrary to the trend. If for example the trend is bullish and 1H RSI is oversold, then the strategy starts opening long positions.
  • The range for opening new positions is calculated from the maximum and minimum historical data;
  • The strategy can open up to 21 positions;
  • Limit: take profit level can be set at 30 pips or more;
  • Stop: created when the medium-term trend changes or can be set by the user;
  • The user can enter the balance and the percentage of funds to be used;
  • The strategy will automatically calculate the number of lots. It is recommended testing the strategy before the launch.
  • If the Update Balance option is enabled, the strategy automatically calculates the money management.

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