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Posted By Admin Friday, May 23, 2014
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 Posted Friday, May 23, 2014

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Trend Finder

Trend Finder strategy is aimed at medium and long-term trading and adapted to any trading instrument.

  • Awesome Oscillator (5 , 34).
  • Stochastic (Full; 5 , 3, 3).
  • Moving Average (Simple, 200).
Conditions for opening positions are fairly simple.
  • Current price is above the MA;
  • The Stochastic% K parameter has crossed the lower level (default = 20) from below;
  • Awesome Oscillator indicates an upward trend (colored in green).
«Trend Finder» opens a sell position if all the following conditions are met:
  • Current price is below the MA;
  • The Stochastic% K parameter has crossed the upper level (default = 80) from above;
  • Awesome Oscillator indicates a downward trend (colored in red).
Risk management is represented by the following configurable parameters:
  • Number of positions that can be opened by the strategy simultaneously is regulated by the parameter «Maximum number of opened position» (default = 2 ).
  • Stop and Limit orders on open positions.
  • There is an alternative way of closing positions. The «Close Positions By Opposite Signal» setting allows closing an open position when a new signal in the opposite direction is generated (enabled by default).
  • Trailing Stop - an optional feature that allows you to reduce the risks (enabled by default).

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