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Posted By Admin Thursday, February 27, 2014
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 Posted Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Impulse keeper

The Impulse keeper strategy is based on market impulses – periods when the market trend is moving forward without pullbacks.
The strategy uses Parabolic SAR and Moving Averages indicators.

The strategy uses the following conditions to enter the market:

  • The last closed candle was bullish;
  • The last candle closed over Both Moving Average Channel (High and Low Channel MA);
  • The last candle closed over the Trend MA;
  • Parabolic SAR shows rising signals.
Buy conditions:
  • The last closed candle was bearish;
  • The last candle closed under Both Moving Average Channel (High and Low Channel MA);
  • The last candle closed under the Trend MA;
  • Parabolic SAR shows falling signals.
Money Management system

The strategy can manage single or multiple positions at a time, which can be regulated by the setting “Strategy position type”. If single-position mode is selected, then the strategy will not create more than 1 position at once; otherwise the strategy can operate with several positions simultaneously.
Trader can also setup the Stop and Limit orders.
The strategy supports 3 different Stop order types:

  1. “Impulse” – the original money management of the Impulse keeper strategy. The Stop order will be created based on the Parabolic SAR values. Like the Trailing Stop, it will be automatically modified if the Parabolic SAR value moves in the profitable direction.
  2. “Standard Stop” will setup the Stop order once at the moment when position is opened.
  3. “Trailing Stop” – well known modification of the Stop order, which moves together with the profitable trend.

To disable the Stop/Limit order you need to input “0” value to the corresponding “Stop (pips)”/”Limit (pips)” setting and select “Standard Stop” or “Trailing Stop” Stop order type.The strategy is timeframe-insensitive, but it is recommended using the Impulse keeper strategy on M5/M15/H1/H4 timeframes.
Traders should remember that intraday trading depends on market fluctuations. So the strategy will be profitable if the market is saturated with news.

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