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Posted By Admin Friday, February 07, 2014
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 Posted Friday, February 07, 2014

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Dear User,

We are glad to present you with the new design of our FXApps Store - the place where everybody can find an indicator, strategy or service which corresponds to your needs.

The interface has become lighter, more intuitive and comprehensive.

We have modernized the way of the item representation, so that you are now able to view 100 items per page as tiles or a list, or navigate around with the help of the 9-item pages.

In addition, this update includes the possibility to login into FXApps with using Social Network account attributes (Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus), share the links to the corresponding discussion topic on our forum directly from FXApps, and e-mail them to a friend. In addition, you are able to link your social accounts to the existing FXApps account in the "Profile" page.

Any registered user is now able to upload a custom avatar to be displayed in the top-right corner of FXApps.

"Recently Viewed" items have been relocated to the position below the main frame. Instead of simple links you are now able to see the “Type” icons and the author of the last 3 items you have viewed.

ActForex is constantly improving its products and we are thankful to all of our users who are helping us in the process.

You can find the discussion of the new FXApps store by following the link





Best regards

-ACTFX© Forum Administrator

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