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Posted By Admin Friday, February 07, 2014
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 Posted Friday, February 07, 2014

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FXApps for ActTrader is an on-line store offering the best apps and services for the Traders.
FXApps is one-stop shopping for algorithmic trading strategies and much more, exclusively fo ActTrader platform.
Finding the right applications for you has never been easier!

Also ActForex provides the area where you can earn money from your own strategies.

After registration for FXAppLoader service (http://fxapploader.fxapps.com/Login.aspx) you will be able to submit paid Scripts (strategies and indicators). After the script is reviewed and approved, it will be added to FXApps as a compiled (non-editable) application (the source will not be sold, but it is required to check the script).
You will be able to view the report of your script purchases on your FXAppLoader page, and ActForex will transfer the earned money via PayPal on a monthly basis.

We are glad to receive your feedback, suggestions and requests for further development in ActForex and FXApps store.

Best regards

-ACTFX© Forum Administrator

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