Problems with AVG 2012
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By ViennaCalling - Sunday, October 16, 2011
Ever since installing AVG 2012 I get exception errors when launching fx_loader.exe... I uninstall AVG and then it runs fine.

I have XP SP3. Anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix?
By Admin - Thursday, October 20, 2011
Hello GregorAnton.

Please try to add the ActTrader (fx_loader.exe and fx_client.exe) files to the AVD 2012 exception list:

If you need to exclude a certain "Potentially unwanted program" from any detection by AVG (for example if you are using an Ad-sponsored program or utility, which could be dangerous, but could also be used with your knowledge), you can exclude it from AVG Resident Shield and AVG tests detection this way:

• Please open the AVG program -> "Tools" menu -> "Advanced settings" -> "PUP exceptions" -> push the "Add exception" button to add a new exception.
• Now find the file you want to exclude from AVG detection. If you are not sure that the file location is static, enable "Any location - do not use full path" function.
• Save the setting using the "Add" button.
These exceptions can be used for "Potentially unwanted programs" only. If you set the exception for a viral file (Trojan horse, I-Worm, Worm, W32...), this file will be still detected by AVG tests and the AVG Resident Shield.
These exceptions are not used for the AVG Email Scanner.
Note: These exceptions can be created for files only, not for folders.

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